Southeast University(hereinafter referred to as SEU) Wuxi Campus, formerly known as the SEU Wuxi Branch, was founded in April 1988. It was one of the first key university branches approved by the former National Education Commission and started the exploration of educating outstanding engineers in China. The campus is established based on cooperation between SEU and Wuxi. By leveraging distinctive features in integration of ‘government-industry-education-research-application’ and SEU's advantageous majors, its objective to build a comprehensive platform which serves national strategy and local development with high standards in three aspects such as education, research and application.

Wuxi campus is located at 5 Zhuangyuan Road, Binhu, Wuxi. It is built in the core area of the Taihu Science and Technology Innovation Bay. The campus, adjoining the Changguangxi National Wetland to the east and the Longwang Mountain to the west, covers an area of nearly 500 acres. It is surrounded by China Ship Scientific Research Center(which developed deep-sea equipment such as Jiaolong and Fendouzhe), Leihua Electronic Technology Research Institute, National Supercomputer Center and many other research institutes. There is also China Central Television Film Base, Yuantouzhu and other 5A-level ecological scenic spots nearby. In total, a great location with a strong academic atmosphere makes Wuxi Campus the perfect place for education, research and . The total planned floor area of the campus is 240,000 square meters, including 46,000 square meters for faculties, 22,000 square meters for research platforms, 68,000 square meters for dormitories and 7,000 square meters for gymnasiums. There are currently more than 2,200 students on campus, of which more than 90% are graduate students. It is planned that the number of students will be increased to 5,000 by 2025.

Wuxi campus is deeply rooted in the cultural heritage of SEU, adhering to the school motto of Strive For Perfection and practicing the school management philosophy of being renowned for science and serving the country with talents. Meanwhile it is also blended in Wuxi, a modern industrial innovation hot spot with profound Wu cultural heritage. The campus actively explores and practices the road of high level, internationalization, localization, and distinctiveness with great love, exploring veritas, jointly fighting, constantly leading as its connotation. Based on the development orientation of implementing differentiated development with SEU and exploring high quality education integrated with industry, it strives to establish a high-end international SEU campus which serves major national strategies, social needs and concerns of local industries.