SEU Vice President Jin Baosheng (left) and Wuxi Deputy Mayor Liu Xia (right) sign the agreement on behalf of SEU and the Wuxi Municipal Government respectively. [Photo from SEU, Wuxi]

The Wuxi Municipal Government signed a framework agreement with Southeast University (SEU) to jointly construct the SEU Wuxi branch at a ceremony on March 6th.

The great event took place in the presence of Wuxi officials representing major government departments covering the development and reform committee, education bureau, science and technology bureau,finance division, led by Wuxi Party Secretary Li Xiaomin, also a member of the Standing Committee of Jiangsu Provincial Committees, Deputy Mayor Wang Jinjian and SEU leaders of the university’s main departments and schools, headed by President Zhang Guangjun.

 Zhang Guangjun, president of SEU [Photo by SEU, Wuxi]

In his speech, Zhang Guangjun firstly reviewed the history of SEU, Wuxi with great gratitude conveyed to Wuxi government for what they have done to support the branch in the past 30 years. He praised Wuxi for the insightful move to propel the higher education sector as a strategic goal and stimulus in the city development plan, which would surely be encouraging for SEU, Wuxi. As he pointed out, a new and further round of cooperation on the internationalschool running, talent training, scientific research, academic findings commercialization and the government-university-industry integration, was of considerable importance and necessity in such a brand new erafull of opportunities to seek win-win benefits by combining the SEU’s “top university, top discipline” initiative and the local industrial improvement. Zhang then made it clear with an emphasis that they would strive to build up a world famous branch campus noted for its state demonstrative school of microelectronics and a series of international united schools, in answer to the regional industrial demands.

 Li Xiaomin, Wuxi Municipal Party Secretary, also a member of the Standing Committee of Jiangsu Provincial Committees. [Photo from SEU, Wuxi]

Wuxi Party Secretary Li Xiaomin said in his speaking that SEU was a preferable  organization for Wuxi to expand its cooperation with, since many dominant disciplines of SEU were highly consistent with Wuxi’s key industries. In particular, Li stressed, SEU is the only Jiangsu-based  university approved to build a national demonstrative microelectronics school, which has got its unique advantages and core competitiveness in talent cultivation, faculty, scientific research, etc., while Wuxi is one of China's microelectronics centers, the integrated circuit industry size of which ranks first in the province and among the top ones over the country. Last year, he added, Huahong integrated circuit R & D and manufacturing base, SK Hynix Expanded Fab (C2F), Zhonghuan Semiconductor, of more than 10 billion yuan, settled in Wuxi. It was hoped that the government and the university would take this signing event as a new beginning and work together to run an excellent SEU, Wuxi campus, with a high-level national demonstrative microelectronics school, a public platform for micro nano processing and testing, as stated in the cooperative framework agreement. He concluded with an expectation for SEU to focus more efforts and resources on the development of Wuxi branch.

SEU President Zhang Guangjun (third from right), Liu Xia (fourth from right) and other officials present at the signing ceremony pose for a photography to mark the occasion. [Photo by SEU, Wuxi]

 The SEU group and Wuxi officials make a visit to the lab in Wuxi campus. [Photo by SEU, Wuxi]