The leadership of SEU Wuxi is responsible for the strategic vision for the Campus.

JIN BAOSHENG leads SEU Wuxi Campus, and is the 9th President of the Campus.

Professor ZHANG JIWEN, the 5th Executive Vice President of SEU Wuxi Campus, fosters collaboration across the Campus and manages changes in strategy, policy, planning and practices that affect the daily operation of the campus as a whole. 

WANG QIANG, Party Secretary of SEU Wuxi Campus.

YIN YING, Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President of SEU Wuxi Campus.

Wang Qiang and Yin Ying play major roles in various Party building activities at the Campus. They carry out their responsibilities to assure that the Campus remains in line with the national commitment and mission. MS. Yin Ying also performs a leading role helping to shape the academic agenda of the Campus.

QIN WENHU, is Vice President of SEU Wuxi Campus, and the chief functions of his include superintendence of the scientific and research aspects of the Campus, and providing counsel and instructions to the science and research department on plans and cooperative projects.