Committed to forging ahead as a vigorous role in local and international progress, the Campus promises to harness its academic energy and develop a top-class talent cultivation base to fulfill the demands of Wuxi’s society and economy. 

Over the recent years, the campus has been accorded the status of being a campus of international concentration and is working towards becoming one of the most distinctive campuses known for its bold explorations in “High-level, Internationalization, Localization and Distinctiveness” areasMore focus will be given to forging more partnerships with world’s top 100 institutions or universities possessing disciplines ranked top 30th by utilizing the knowledge across disciplines of SEU and sectors in collaboration with local knowledge-intensive organizations and businesses and supportive policies and funds from the local government. We will develop dialogues and collaboration with the best universities in the world, businesses, public organizations and other relevant players in order to expand a high-calibre international system embracing 2 to 4 union colleges, and 2 to 3 important research and educational facilities working on the international, national and regional most recent industrial issues, such as the micro-nano processing and testing platform, and high-end chips & micro information systems. We will also work to attract more academicians, professors and industry experts to teach and conduct academic studies at the campus.

Our campus takes it as its great responsibility and dedication to exploring the potential that lies in focused and committed endeavors in major nation-wide and local industrial innovation and developments, develop as many talents and core technologies.