Q&A: Education to Employment


Location: Perpetual Inno Auditorium

Date: Thursday, December 17, 2020, 18:30



Jianzhong Tao, a Southeast University graduate majoring in semiconductor physics and devices, and now the Associate Dean at the Microelectronics Institute of the CETC Integrated Circuit Ltd, a branch of the Global 500 China Electronics Technology Group Corporation.

Jiemin Gu, assistant to the Human Resources Division of the CETC Integrated Circuit Ltd.

Jin Wu, professor of Southeast University Wuxi Campus; Senior Member of Chinese Institute of Electronics. He published more than 60 SCI and EI academic papers.

Jiangjiang Tian, postgraduate of the Microelectronics School, Southeast University in 2019. Presently, an Analog IC design engineer at Shanghai Awinic Technology Co.

Wentao Zhu, a graduate student of the Integrated Circuit Engineering, Southeast University Wuxi Campus in 2018. Zhu accomplished 1 SCI paper, 1 EI paper, and 4 national invention patent applications.